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I used to have really bad back pain. Like super bad I even went to the doctor to get pain medications prescribed for me just for that time of the month. Now whenever I feel sore I just put on my Leilay and I can literally get a massage whenever, wherever. It's super convenient it's a life saver. I use it even when I'm off to be honest.

The Leilay is a no brainer. If you get cramps you should have one. Not even a sponsor. It massages and heats just to the right temperature to calm pains. Every girl on their cycle should have one. I feel it should be prescribed by doctors. I use it constantly, even at work. It literally instantly stops aches before they get bad. I love it. Bought one for my sister too. ;)

I use this product all the time. I don't even have to be on my period. It gets rid of any cramps. I like to wear on my back when I do yoga. It gives me relief thatI never knew that I needed. Its great. I recommended it to a couple of the people in my yoga class and they all love too. If you're considering it I suggest you get one for sure it's amazing.

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